My (General) Opinion of Facebook

Facebook relationships scare me more than real ones.

I will never fill out the “25 questions” survey. So please stop sending it to me.

I can’t update my status frequently because I start thinking in 3rd person. Reminds me of my issues with speaking in pig latin in middle school.


About Me (Personal)

Social networking sites want to know “about me.” I don’t have a static answer. So to spare the social connectors the energy of notifying everyone every 3 weeks when my answer changes, I’ll edit it here.

Here goes.

In two words? Awkwardly random. Or maybe randomly awkward.

I’ve invested a good amount of money into traveling & I don’t regret it for a second. I just look forward to my next trip abroad.. in 2018.

I get super excited when there’s an opportunity to use a semicolon correctly.

I almost always get lost in malls. I’d like to thank 18 years of shopping at Titusville’s Miracle City Hall for these inconveniences.

My fear of snakes extends to fake snake skin accessories. I understand this is retarded.

I never knew as a Comm. major that my job would require me to morph into a giant Internet nerd. I’m working on not saying things like “search engine optimization” when out in public.

I don’t think everything Obama touches turns to gold, but I’m excited about the guy.

I think the world is a little too big to pick one place and live there for 30 years. I’ve been told my mind will change, but I hope it doesn’t.

I think we spend life constantly transitioning from owl to ostrich and back. More on that later.